Smart Classes

CPS classrooms are equipped with new age digital education solutions in form of smart classes empowering students to step in with the latest technology enabling access to quality study support.It aims to bring the best of global technology to provide an engaging child-centric teaching-learning environment in the classroom.

Library & Reading Halls

With more than 800 books, CPS library is a student’s delight. The library has silently grown its collection over the past years and is enriched with world class books for students of all ages. It contains books with topics ranging from history, science, mathematics to sports and cultural events along with daily newspaper in three different languages for keeping students connected with the outside world.
School has dedicated reading halls where student and faculties can sit separately and comfortably and read books and newspapers.

Computer & Science Lab

The Computer Lab at CPS focuses on the latest trend on technology that’s the reason you will find latest computers with advanced gadgets. Students can avail the computer lab facility even after their classes gets over after taking the permission from staff in-charge.
The Science Lab at CPS is designed in such a way so that students off all the age group can participate in real life scientific activities thus preparing them for future challenges. We have latest microscopes and other apparatus that keeps students connected with the scientific world.

Class Rooms

The school building is fully furnished with state of the art close circuit cameras to keep an eye on students activities .All the class rooms are spacious with limited number of students who get selected every year strictly based upon their merits

Hostel Facility

Naghma Orooj Memorial Trust provides residential facilities to students too. School students can also avail this facility. It is currently home to more than hundred boarders who are doing excellent in all the fields. It is noteworthy to mention that majority of the award winning students in sports and academics are hostellers. We provide separate vegetarian and non-vegetarian mess facilities for students. A separate faculty handles the day to day life of hostel students making sure the students do well. There is a separate playground for hostel students for their sports activities.

Extra-Curricular Activities

We at CPS regularly provide students with opportunities to excel in other fields too. School team participates in “National Science Olympiad” winning awards every year. CPS “karate team” has won district championship every year till now. School “Cricket team” too has won many awards. We at CPS organize painting ,singing and many different competitions every year for the all round development of your child.


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Our Team

Dr. Manaziruddin
Ph.D (Mathematics)
26 Years Experience

Azaz Alam
Principal(Head Office)
M. A., B. Ed, (Research Scholar)
10 Years Experience

Naushad Akhtar
Principal(Branch Office)
M. A. (English & Urdu)
18 Years Experience