Aims & Objective

1. To impart high standard education to children in accordance with reputed public school tradition in the country.

2. To inculcate the feelings of oneness and equality in the children.

3. To inspire scientific temper and objectives outlook in the students.

4. To create awareness about the varied and rich cultural heritage of the country.

5. To promote a sense of patriotism, social cohesion and national integration in the future stalwarts of the nation.

6. To breed self-confidence and a sense of social responsibility in the children.

7. To develop a sense in children to obey, to follow, to lead and to command.

8. To implant all pious human values in the children to enable them to become the worthy members of a composite and cosmopolitan society.

9. To infuse brilliance in young ones through proper education and training so that they may be able for holding high position of responsibilities in the future days of life.

10. Overall, our objective is to develop a child with sound mind and good health with all human qualities, moral sense and professional competence into a complete man or woman with excellence.

Moral Education: The school is secular in character and it gives equal and impartial treatments to all children so that they feel at home in the secular atmosphere of the school. During school programmes all care are taken to reflect secular character of the school. The universal moral ethics and social etiquettes are taught to each student.


Central Public School with core concept...

Our approach has been that of evalute potential of students & help them magnify it to max...



Knowledge centered situational approach, identify alternatives, to proceed....


Identifying ability of students and strengthening at various levels....


In process of up-scaling its learning and building of people's learning centers. ...

Our Team

Dr. Manaziruddin
Ph.D (Mathematics)
26 Years Experience

Azaz Alam
Principal(Head Office)
M. A., B. Ed, (Research Scholar)
10 Years Experience

Naushad Akhtar
Principal(Branch Office)
M. A. (English & Urdu)
18 Years Experience